Sunday, November 7, 2010

Calling All Bodiez and Brainz!

Just wanted to post some info on the next two Queer Sex Talks. The Talks are a series of discussions/workshops hosted by the Doomwood Feminist Artist Collective in an effort to create a sex-positive environment in which to discuss various issues pertaining to our community. Everyone is welcome, no matter your orientation or identity! We want the gayest, straightest, queerest, questioningist people out there to show up and get down with us.

The next Queer Sex Talk will be on Friday Nov. 12 at 6:00 at 4 Elmwood Ave. Emily will be facilitating a discussion about redefining what is sexy and why that is important. We'll be making use of Catharine MacKinnon's essay Sexuality, Pornography, and Method: "Pleasure Under Patriarchy". MacKinnon's essay provides an analysis of how what is considered "sexy" in our culture is established--by whom, by what means and to what ends. Her analysis will prove helpful to us in our group navigation, deconstruction, and personal re-definition of what is sexy. Email and I'll send you a PDF version of the article. If you have a chance to read, or at least skim, the article in preparation for the discussion, please do! If not, come anyway! Additionally, this discussion will set us up for...

The next next Queer Sex Talk, which will be held on Friday, December 3rd, at 6:00 at 4 Elmwood Ave.! I will be facilitating a discussion about queer pornography and how it is helping to create sex-positive culture. We'll be talking about feminism, sex-positivity, queer sexuality, creativity, and how they all tie together. We'll also be continuing the conversation from the previous meeting about redefining sexy, and discussing how queer porn is helping to re-define, or rather undefine and deconstruct what is considered "sexy" in our culture. If you'd like to get a bit of orientation to the way I've been thinking about this so far, check out the blog post I wrote for my feminist art class:


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Queer identity and cultural identity

So yesterday at the queer sex talk we discussed a lot having to do with identity and labeling. And while we all came to some kind of agreement about how the word Queer is something people can identify with because it encompasses the fluidity of their sexual identity and doesn't confine them. And today I was reading for school about challenges facing students with diverse cultural background and ethnicity in the classroom. It brought up the point of students who are immigrants or associate with a non-dominant ethnicity, religion, or culture often have a fluid sense of identity. Often students attempt to conform to the dominant culture in school so they fit in and do not isolate themselves, while at home they associate with the traditions and practices of their families and sometimes cultural communities.
I thought about this a lot last semester while I worked on a paper about Muslim Americans in the public school system. These students have to define and then redefine their identity in every situation. And these decisions are often very visible, for example the simple matter of how to dress. There are intense pressures on students from both their families and their peers in school.
The decisions these students make which affect their identity include sexuality, but also include choices about the language they speak, their religious practices, their social habits, the food they eat, the list goes on and on.
I just think it's incredible how many of our personal choices can affect the way other people view us and what labels are assigned to us.

I also read about how teachers should respectfully talk about LGBT issues in the classroom to reduce homophobia in the classroom... but in South Carolina that is pretty much ILLEGAL to do.

And I would really like to redesign this blog to make it prettier but I should probably do my homework.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Go to this!

My blog post about the intersection of feminism, art, and queer pornography.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I feel it coming...

Back to school...after the long semester off organizing, volunteering, fundraising, grant writing, bike riding, and traveling, I am back at ol' CofC, finishing College. It's interesting how being back in a space of academically savvy women who are challenging gender norms just lights a fire under my ass. I am in my capstone WGST class (awesome) with Micah, for one, which is really exciting. I am also taking a class that I don't actually need to graduate, called Studio Art Approaches to Third Wave Feminism. When I first saw that class listed, I freaked out, I figured that CofC had sent some sleuth-like character to stalk me and figure out what would lure me back in to the higher education system. "Ha-Ha!" the genderless reporter reports, "ve shall offer a course on feminist art, and ze helpless child shall be helpless and helplessly fall into our vell-laid trrrap!" And this is exactly what happened, and now I am in this class, which is, according to my professor, the ONLY EXPLICITLY FEMINIST ART CLASS BEING TAUGHT IN THE UNITED STATES.

Huh? Really? Oh, I guess I'm not that surprised, just disappointed as usual.

But seriously, how awesome is that? I am in a class with a group of women, all honors students, who for some reason or another decided to take the class. I'm a little anxious. I mean, feminist art is pretty much all me and most of my friends do! But most of the girls I'm in class with have barely considered how the two might be related, and many aren't familiar with feminism at all. I think I talk too much in class, and I'm afraid that I intimidate them, because I seem to have a pre-existing opinion and experience with all of this stuff. I want so bad for them to all realize that I don't really know anything more than they do about making feminist art. All they have to do is get the least bit excited, shed that initial layer of self-consciousness, and grab a marker or a guitar, or a camera, or a paintbrush, or some crazy object unbeknownst to life as we know it, and start emoting, expressing, telling.

We'll see. I shall report. I hope that some of my friends who do feminist art can come into the class as visitors coughGracieLizSeanRachaelcough.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meanwhile in Iceland

Johanna Sigurdardottir is the Prime Minister of Iceland.

Age of Testosterone comes to end in Iceland
excerpt: No one doubts that there is a gender revolution under way, and not just because Ms Sigurdardottir, 66, is the world's first openly gay Prime Minister. “If you crash the economy,” declared an irreverent Icelandic blogger, “the lesbians take over”.

After the Crash, Icelands Women Lead the Rescue
This article mentions a "Bjork fund" created by two Icelandic women running a large financial firm.

This is a quote from an interview with Sigurdardottir:

Your government is 50 per
cent female. Is equality important to your vision for Iceland?

Definitely! My long experience in politics tells me that egalitarian policies are the best way to unite and empower people, and are also a necessary counterweight to the sometimes dividing and detrimental influence of market forces. A society that does not use the intellectual power of its female population fully is not a wise society. Women are now the majority of students in the Icelandic universities, and 43 per cent of our MPs.
We have to use all our resources to bounce back from the recession and we expect women to take their full part in the new era. Most women are not as tainted by mistakes in the conduct of the economy as the male population, and now they deserve an opportunity. We are determined to achieve gender equality in the political sphere but, unfortunately, the corporate side is still lacking. This is odd, because international research shows that companies with a sound gender policy are better run and more profitable than male-dominated companies. We are prepared to introduce legislation that would actively encourage the private sector to adopt a wiser and more effective gender policy.
By the way, it's not a coincidence that the World Economic Forum recently ranked Iceland first in its annual, 134-country survey of gender equality, followed closely by Norway, Finland and Sweden. We would like to keep that position!

[end quote]

This is what horses look like in Iceland:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Midnight Mystery Ride

The Queers With Gears midnight mystery ride will leave from the Outer Space at 11:00 Friday night, right after The Queer Show. The ride will end at an undisclosed location. Yum. Dykes on bikes, fags on trikes, heteros on motos, queens on dream machines and that crazy queer kid on the unicycle, all are welcome!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

City Paper features QueerFest in the City Picks section!

Monday, April 12, 2010

QueerFest Schedule

I just wanted to post the simplified finalized schedule!!

Workshops to take place at the Women's and Gender Studies Office: 7 College Way, College of Charleston (Next to Physicians Auditorium)
Music, Art Show, et cetera to take place at the Outer Space: 623A Meeting St.

April 14th
6:00 - Art as Activism Workshop
7:00 - Why Queer? Workshop
8:00 - Who Wears the Cock? Workshop

April 15th
7:00 - LGBTQ Health Issues Workshop
8:00 - The Tree of Inequality: Intersectionality and GLBTQQI Youth Organizing Workshop

April 16th
5:30 - Queer Warriors Parade (Meet at the gazebo at Hampton Park)
8:00-11:00 - The Queer Show- An art show featuring artists working in time-based media exploring queer identities/experiences.
12:00 - "Queers With Gears" Midnight Mystery Bike Ride meet-up location TBA

April 17th
1:00 - Queer Consent Workshop
2:00 - Feminism, Creativity, and Queerness Workshop
3:00 - Queering Society Through Language Workshop

9:00 - QueerFest Music Show
Short Shorts
Psychic Handbook
DJ Psychic Handbook
DJ Party Dad
DJ Wigdan Giddy

Chantelle Lebeau

Aren't these beauuuttiiful? Thanks to Savannah for letting us use all of her fancy technology. Look for the second picture in the City Paper on Wednesday in the City Picks section!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

QueerFest T-shirts! More to come!

Micah Blaise
Nathan Dodds

Elisa Mundis
Ryan Strickler

QueerFest organizers

Daniel Stone
Jenna Lyles
Becca Schillizzi

QueerFest organizers

Daniel Stone
Jenna Lyles
Becca Schillizzi

Saturday, April 10, 2010

QueerFest Workshops

All Workshops will be held at the Women's and Gender Studies Office, 7 College Way on the College of Charleston Campus (right next to Physician's Auditorium)

6 pm Art as Activism
7 pm Why Queer
8 pm Gender Theory

7 pm LGBTQ Health Issues
8 pm The Tree of Inequality: Intersectionality and GLBTQQI Youth Organizing

1 pm Queer Consent
2 pm Feminism, Creativity, and Queerness
3 pm Queering Society Through Language

Liz Vaughan

Title: Art as Activism. Time: Wednesday 6 pm
Summary: An informational workshop about how art can act as a tool of activism. The workshop leader hopes to inspire some dialogue about how art and activism intersect. She will also highlight what is happening in Charleston and in the outside world.


Title: Why Queer? Time: Wednesday 7 pm.
Summary: This workshop will delve into an analysis of both sexuality and gender, discussing the ways in which they are inextricably conjoined and how these aspects of the human experience are shaped by cultural attitudes. The workshop leader will discuss the construction of sexuality and gender, and methods of deconstruction from individual experiences. In a discussion format, the group will analyze the false limitations placed on gender and sexuality.

Carter Girlardo and Tara Dunn

Title: Gender Theory Time: Wednesday. 8 pm
Summary: The motivation of this workshop is to tackle the concept of gendered roles in society, specifically within relationships. The discussion material will include the concept of gender identity (especially when contrasted with another person), gender identifications from the outside in (how the view of others affects one's own identity) and sexual roles in and out of relationships. The goal is to move from a subjective and introspective understanding of gender (how one views oneself), to an objective and extrospective view (the gaze of others) and finally to a reflective and more comparative conception of gender as a role-playing, relating and co-operating being. In other words, I'm queer, what queer means, and queer sex/relationships.

This workshop will be lead by a group of MUSC students, facilitated by Courtney Abrams.

Time: Thursday 8 pm.
Title: LGBTQ Health Issues Time: Thursday 7 pm
Summary: All too often, GLBTQ consumers fall through the cracks of the health care system, in large part due to a lack of understanding by both doctor and patient. In this workshop, medical students from the MUSC Gay-Straight Alliance discuss key health issues specific to the GLBTQ population, and how to address potential misunderstandings in the doctor-patient relationship.

Mellissa Moore

Title: The Tree of Inequality: Intersectionality and GLBTQQI Youth Organizing
Time: Thursday 8 pm.
Summary: This is an interactive workshop, which teaches intersectionality as a best tool for organizing. Queer organizing provides unique opportunities to span the lines of race, class, gender, and all other categories that tend to divide communities, as queer people come in all shapes, sizes, and variations. The first half of the training will incorporate music and diagrams together to form an audio-visual representation of intersectionality. The second half will include an interactive strategic planning session.

Micah Blaise

Title: Queer Consent Time: Saturday 1 pm
Summary: In this discussion-based workshop, participants will explore the nature of consent in all relationships, both sexual and non-sexual, and how the issue of consent relates to queer identity. Participants are encouraged to bring their experiences, ideas, and questions.

Caroline Marcantoni

Title: Feminism, Creativity, and Queerness Time: Saturday 2pm
Summary: This workshop will be focused on using feminist theory to explore the value of creativity and the extent to which creativity can be implicated into our lives (queerness). It will explore the ability of feminism to open avenues for creativity in topics such as gender roles, sexuality, and relationships. In essence; explicating how creativity and queerness are synonymous in that they both imply breaking boundaries constructed by a patriarchal society. Being queer is living creatively is being a feminist.

Melanie Keller

Title: Queering Society Through Language Time: Saturday 3 pm
Summary: Spanish is a highly gendered language with two options: masculine or feminine. But the LGBTQQ Community in Latin America, particularly Chile, is breaking these gender binaries via language usage and purposely not distinguishing between masculine and feminine subjects, adjectives, etc. What does this mean for Chilean society? Could the social effects of this queer linguistic activism end sexism, conservatism and sexual discrimination? With regards to the transsexual/transgender community who identify themselves as men trapped inside womens bodies and vice versa, will this gender neutral usage help or hinder their cause? We will discuss the possibilities of this language change and queer activism in general in an international setting.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Wednesday is Theory Night

Wednesday evenings at 6pm starting April 7th 2010 will heretofore be designated Theory Night. Lets meet Wednesday night at 6pm at the Outer Space and talk shop. The subject matter is not specifically feminism, but feminism is relevant to the topic. Period. Whatever it is. That's just the world we live in.
So lets talk some philosophical/political/legal/aesthetic/sexual/esoteric theory.
If you are reading the Charleston Women's Collective blog, you will probably enjoy coming to hang out with me and us wednesday evenings at 6pm. I kind of want to talk about Ancient Greek philosophy this wednesday. Try and stop me. I dare you.
Outer Space is at 623 Meeting St, on your left as you head north, inside the gnarly barbwire fence, the white building on your left as you pull in.


P.S. I need women's collective presence at this thing. You guys are like grizzled veteran discussioners.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Queerfest is a weekend long event focusing on creative exploration of queer identities/experiences.

April 16th and 17th
at the Outer Space - 623A Meeting Street

Workshops throughout the week prior (Schedule TBA)
Why Queer?
Gender Theory
Androgyny and Alchemy
Feminism, Creativity, and Queerness
Art as Activism
Practicing Good Consent
LGBTQQ Youth Activism & Organizing
LGBTQ Health Issues

April 16th
5:30: Queer Warriors Parade (contact Chantelle Lebeau for info!)
7:00-10:00: The Queer Show- An art show featuring artists working in time-based media exploring queer identities/experiences.
12:00: "Queers With Gears" Midnight Mystery Bike Ride meet-up location TBA

April 17th
9:00 - QueerFest Music Show
Short Shorts (
Psychic Handbook (

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lady Bambino Strikes Again

You should visit the tumblr page of my friend and fellow WoCo member, Becca Schillizzi, high-style androgynous internet celebrity who steals hearts and makes the queerest of dreams come oh-so-true.

Also, look for her unforgettably sexy face on the cover of the first issue of PocketSmut, which will be available at QueerFest, which you should attend.

Did I mention that I love my life?

Monday, March 8, 2010

pocket smut


Nina Raheja and meself are starting a literary erotica zine called pocket smut, you should all consider submitting, it'll be worth your while ;)


Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Information


For the purposes of this show, we are defining Queer not necessarily as a sexual orientation, but as an approach to sexuality, a philosophy regarding the process of sexuality—its fluidity, its gray areas, the ways we experience it, engage with it, create it, reclaim it, the way we interpret our own and other people’s sexualities, and how all of that has so much to do with our everyday lives and our identities. You can be heterosexual and queer. Gender is quite relevant to this topic as well. Think about binaries, social constructions, methods of deconstruction, playfulness and creativity, sexuality as process, subversion, deliberateness, identity and experience. Your piece might be self-reflective, analytical, or abstract. As long as you are actively and honestly engaging with queerness/queer sexuality, you are headed in the right direction.

Time Based Art

Some definitions I found online:

“art works that are sequenced through time, that change as we view them, and that may be ephemeral (eg video, kinetic sculpture, performance works).”

"Any data that changes meaningfully with respect to time can be characterized as time-based media. A key characteristic of time-based media is that it requires timely delivery and processing. Once the flow of media data begins, there are strict timing deadlines that must be met, both in terms of receiving and presenting the data. For this reason, time-based media is often referred to as streaming media -- it is delivered in a steady stream that must be received and processed within a particular time frame to produce acceptable results." (This is a very strict definition. Don’t take it too seriously.)

"Time-based media is a term used to refer to works of art which are dependent on technology and have duration as a dimension. Artists make very specific decisions in their choice of media and the way in which their work is presented. Specific display equipment might be important because of a particular quality of sound or image it creates, or because the artist has made conceptual links between a particular item of equipment and the meaning of the work. Specific technology places a work at a particular point in history and may convey ideas about the spirit in which the work was made." (For our show, your piece does not have to be dependent on technology. At all. Technology not necessary.)

“I see it as a way to be more inclusive. In many ways we are still stuck on divisions between art forms, but terms like theatre, dance, film, and sculpture are less and less applicable in contemporary art. "Time-based art" is another way of describing art that allows a larger scope but still makes a distinction...a different one not based on form or technique alone. It allows us to experience diverse and hybrid forms as part of a whole, in relation to one another. It's also a great way to bring disparate art communities together and facilitate personal experimentation.”

"Q: Will you start by defining Time-Based Art?

A: I have to answer that question by talking about why I don’t love the term, at least for the kind of work we’re discussing. If we’re talking about works that unfold over time—wouldn’t an Alexander Calder mobile fall in that category? It can’t be experienced properly unless it’s seen as it moves over a period of time. For that matter, the Hirshhorn had a major retrospective of Anne Truitt’s work recently. One thing that struck me was a wall text that talked about the necessity of viewing her sculptures from all sides in order to really understand them. You couldn’t get the full impact of the pieces unless you walked around them to see how the colors changed and unfolded as your perspective changed. If that’s not “time-based,” I don’t know what is."

Any art that has a beginning and an end is "time-based."

This is a link to a Time-Based Arts festival in Portland Oregon. If you sift through their site you’ll get a better idea of what TBA is.

This site is also helpful and has an online gallery.

Less confused? Good! More confused? That's okay! Go make some art!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Open Call for Proposals for the Queer Show

Due: March 18th
Digital Format Only
E-mail all submissions to

The Queer Show: A show featuring artists working in time-based media exploring queerness and the complexity and creativity of queer experience and identity. Queer does not necessarily mean non-heterosexual.

Time-Based Art: Work that is dependent upon time for the completion of the experience. Potential mediums include performance art, contemporary dance, video art, film, kinetic sculpture, installation, sound, noise.

Send us your proposal, a short artist’s statement, and any supporting images.

More information to be posted here very soon...