Monday, September 28, 2009

WoCo Dinner Fundraiser

Mmmmmhm! The Women's Collective hosted its first-ever vegan dinner 'n acoustic show fundraiser over at 4 Elmwood on September 19th and it was freaking awesome! We made a little bit of money to fund upcoming workshops but what really made the event successful was the incredible energy and laughter that coursed through the evening. Click "Read More" below to check it out!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feminist Economics - A Discussion

Where was the voice of reason? Why are our ecosystems, families, neighbors, health, and future dying at the request of profit margins and unsustainable economic policies? Where was the economic model to account for the true cost of infinite growth? The female voice and market presence were hushed up and ignored. And look at the mess we're in.

Economists, historically privileged white men, have been guiding our politicians and legislators to disastrous ends. These mad scientists of policy and price have determined that the entire global economic system hunt almighty profit by cheap and dirty exploitation of the Earth, the poor, the disenfranchised, and women. In the name of FREE trade, more people than ever are slaves to money and governments. Our biosphere is sick and dying. Our generation will face historic debt and unemployment. War, violence, famine, disease, and a barren landscape- things look bleak.

But!!! Our community has a chance to be heard and to educate one another in being our own policymakers. We have tools in our hands and we have voices from our hearts. We must be the change in our own backyards, in our own daily routines, in our own consciousness.

I'd like to open a discussion about the role of Feminist Economics in our lives.

How can we change our cultural valuation systems to better accommodate all that the traditional systems leave behind? True cost is a very female estimate, it is a search for deep connections and the importance of relationships in the economic market. What do you see during your day that has a cost? Is the price stuck on its head really the value of that item? Tally it up- the gas in you car, the latte in your hand, the rice on the stove. Have these items come to you cheaply by exploiting others? If we included all the costs and energy that go into our daily consumption, would we be able to 'afford' it?

Most importantly: what is the true cost of not speaking out?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jennas update!

Our meeting this Saturday was lovely--and we got quite a lot done, here’s the run-down:

Because we are organizing events and workshops this year, we are going to start having leadership committee meetings—these meetings will be open to any woman who wants to have a say in organizing (and claim both credit and accountability). This will be a great way for people who want to be more involved to do that, and having separate organizational meetings will mean that we don’t have to lengthen our discussion meetings. The first leadership committee meeting will be this Wednesday (tomorrow) at 8:00 pm at 322 Sumter Street. We will be planning our first fundraiser, which brings me to…

Our first fundraiser! will be a vegetarian/vegan dinner and acoustic house show held on Friday September 18th at 4 Elmwood Ave. Details will be nailed down Wednesday, just let it suffice to say that it’s going to be awesome!!!

More dates to mark: On Saturday Sept. 12th, we will be holding our next meeting (women only) at Cannon Park (near campus) by the columns. Our first workshop will be held at 5:00 on Saturday Sept. 26, and will be an informative workshop on the fundamentals of academic feminism. We’ll be introducing key terminologies and theories that come up at our meetings so that everyone has access to them. This workshop is free and co-ed. (Location TBA).

Look forward to more kick-ass workshops and fundraisers coming soon!