Friday, April 2, 2010

Wednesday is Theory Night

Wednesday evenings at 6pm starting April 7th 2010 will heretofore be designated Theory Night. Lets meet Wednesday night at 6pm at the Outer Space and talk shop. The subject matter is not specifically feminism, but feminism is relevant to the topic. Period. Whatever it is. That's just the world we live in.
So lets talk some philosophical/political/legal/aesthetic/sexual/esoteric theory.
If you are reading the Charleston Women's Collective blog, you will probably enjoy coming to hang out with me and us wednesday evenings at 6pm. I kind of want to talk about Ancient Greek philosophy this wednesday. Try and stop me. I dare you.
Outer Space is at 623 Meeting St, on your left as you head north, inside the gnarly barbwire fence, the white building on your left as you pull in.


P.S. I need women's collective presence at this thing. You guys are like grizzled veteran discussioners.


Jenna Lyles said...

Yay! I shall certainly partake of the theory juice.

emily racine said...

ah, boo! i thought this was going to be on Tuesday :(
o well.
you better have one of these during the summer!

micahblaise said...

i will be at the next one and i'm fuckin stoked!

anyone else wanna talk about foucault this summer? or maybe issues of power and privilege more generally? ooooh weeeee this is my idea of a part-yyy

thank you sean!