Thursday, April 1, 2010


Queerfest is a weekend long event focusing on creative exploration of queer identities/experiences.

April 16th and 17th
at the Outer Space - 623A Meeting Street

Workshops throughout the week prior (Schedule TBA)
Why Queer?
Gender Theory
Androgyny and Alchemy
Feminism, Creativity, and Queerness
Art as Activism
Practicing Good Consent
LGBTQQ Youth Activism & Organizing
LGBTQ Health Issues

April 16th
5:30: Queer Warriors Parade (contact Chantelle Lebeau for info!)
7:00-10:00: The Queer Show- An art show featuring artists working in time-based media exploring queer identities/experiences.
12:00: "Queers With Gears" Midnight Mystery Bike Ride meet-up location TBA

April 17th
9:00 - QueerFest Music Show
Short Shorts (
Psychic Handbook (


Laura said...

Hurray for our young folks, claiming this identity! A word that has been used to harm is claimed and made into a positive concept. As a straight ally, I would be proud to be considered a citizen of Queer Nation.

thom vernon said...

I'm so glad I found you! I'm a queer, exiled novelist whose book has just been released in the States by Northwestern UP. Very queer book. A little gay, a lot of queer. I'm going to be reading and doing a writing workshop at the Harvey Milk Festival in Sarasota on May 22;. and then about five other readings in FL & SC. I've had a heckuva time finding queer orgs/groups in your neck of the woods which I might support with a reading, workshop – or even a chat about being a queer refugee!

For me, it's not a money-making venture, it's a community-building thing. Trust me, I don't make enough for all of this effort to make financial sense. That said, I'm reading in Beaufort, SC and will be in that area (Hilton Head) from around June 2nd or 3rd to the 8th or 10th. Very flexible w/in that time frame.

How can I support Charleston Women's Collective or a local book club/writing group, a queer event, a fundraiser...? Are you aware of any Pride Month events happening at that time? It just seems such a shame to sit around doing nothing! I'm happy to serve as free entertainment. Any ideas or suggestions?

You can check out the book, The Drifts, at Facebook/thedrifts, google it, or go to the Northwestern University Press website.

Thank you so much, thom vernon (author)