Sunday, April 11, 2010

QueerFest T-shirts! More to come!

Micah Blaise
Nathan Dodds

Elisa Mundis
Ryan Strickler


micahblaise said...

can we problematize these representations of queer, later? these pictures are lovely, and i know they were spur-of-the-moment, but i think this is an important and relevant discussion nonetheless.

yay queerfest!
love, micah

micahblaise said...

ugh, now in retrospect i'm feeling like a party-pooper, and just wanted to clarify that i think all y'all queerfest organizers are doing wonderful work and that queerfest is fabulous and exciting - i just want to encourage pushing our (potentially unexamined?) boundaries and limitations and make sure that we're always thinking critically about our positionality and frameworks and blah blah blah jargon and etc.

keep up the amazing work! i love you all, and thank you caitlin for the beautiful photos!


Sean said...
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