Sunday, November 7, 2010

Calling All Bodiez and Brainz!

Just wanted to post some info on the next two Queer Sex Talks. The Talks are a series of discussions/workshops hosted by the Doomwood Feminist Artist Collective in an effort to create a sex-positive environment in which to discuss various issues pertaining to our community. Everyone is welcome, no matter your orientation or identity! We want the gayest, straightest, queerest, questioningist people out there to show up and get down with us.

The next Queer Sex Talk will be on Friday Nov. 12 at 6:00 at 4 Elmwood Ave. Emily will be facilitating a discussion about redefining what is sexy and why that is important. We'll be making use of Catharine MacKinnon's essay Sexuality, Pornography, and Method: "Pleasure Under Patriarchy". MacKinnon's essay provides an analysis of how what is considered "sexy" in our culture is established--by whom, by what means and to what ends. Her analysis will prove helpful to us in our group navigation, deconstruction, and personal re-definition of what is sexy. Email and I'll send you a PDF version of the article. If you have a chance to read, or at least skim, the article in preparation for the discussion, please do! If not, come anyway! Additionally, this discussion will set us up for...

The next next Queer Sex Talk, which will be held on Friday, December 3rd, at 6:00 at 4 Elmwood Ave.! I will be facilitating a discussion about queer pornography and how it is helping to create sex-positive culture. We'll be talking about feminism, sex-positivity, queer sexuality, creativity, and how they all tie together. We'll also be continuing the conversation from the previous meeting about redefining sexy, and discussing how queer porn is helping to re-define, or rather undefine and deconstruct what is considered "sexy" in our culture. If you'd like to get a bit of orientation to the way I've been thinking about this so far, check out the blog post I wrote for my feminist art class:


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