Friday, December 18, 2009

Sunday Workshop

Hey friends,
I just wanted to announce to the blog that Micah will be teaching a Workshop about good consent at Outer Space (623 Meeting Street) on Sunday at 5pm. This workshop will be free and very informative. The more people who participate the more ideas will be presented. So come!

<3 Kim

Sunday, December 6, 2009

You should hear this

P.S. don't miss the post below this one about Nick's WICKED AWESOME GIFT OPPORTUNITIES!!!!!

I'd like to recommend this podcast I listened to today.
Its called, "Framing feminism: mass media, social movements, and women's liberation" 20th Anniv. podcast series. Texas A&M University.
You can find it FREE in the ITunes store by searching any of that above language.
Its about an hour long.
The lady giving the talk is a rhetorician, which would normally mean that she studies discursive objects like speeches. A rhetorician would explain the importance of and analyze something like MLK's "I have a dream" speech. The speaker is a little different in that she is interested in the way that radical 2nd wave feminism (as opposed to the liberal 2nd wave, i.e. Betty Friedan) in particular does not engage in things like a singular leader giving a milestone speech. These women are more interested in consciousness building than media exposure (you should wonder if that distinction is necessary).
She describes a particular group of about 150 women storming the 1970 Lady's Home Journal magazine office and holding the [male-as-usual] editor hostage with a list of demands. There's some cool newsreel clips included and analyzed. This podcast would apply to the ongoing CWC discussion of anti-hierarchical organizational strategies, as well as offer a refresher on the history of feminism, particularly the 2nd wave.



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