Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holiday Cheer and whatnot...

Hello all,

Just wanted to say- I miss all of you wonderful Charleston ladies! Greenville isn't nearly as female-friendly as our little community and I am appreciating Charleston more and more.

So yeah, that's all. Also, I am making copies of my zine, "The Baked Potato" to hand out at February's meeting. Woo!


Wednesday, December 5, 2007


So our last meeting was fantastic. There was a bigger turn out and new people showed up. We gathered a mountain of clothing. I'm really inspired by all of this. I failed to show up at the clinic with a car full of people like I planned last saturday. It's pretty lame I didnt go but there are so many more days in the future to do it. Soon SOon soon. I'm thinking to bring up the idea of creating a zine for our group. It would be another way to reach out to the community and put this stuff on paper. I know, Kim, you probably don't want to think about putting together another one which is why I would offer to be an organizer.Just think we could put interviews of local heroes, lit, art, reviews, educational stuff, our ever fluctuating manifesta. Maybe like a 6month celebration or an annual thing. Hope everyone's december has treated them well so far. Peace.