Wednesday, January 30, 2008

to my fellow friends

I would like to conduct a self defense session for our april meeting. how does everyone feel about that?


Caroline said...

I would love to learn self-defense! I'll bring my copy of the women's self-defense zine Free to Fight! A similar zine that I want to read is Women's Self-Defense: Stories and Strategies of Survival.

"Free to Fight!"

"We have had enough!
Women's Self-Defense: Stories and Strategies of Survival
An interview with Ariel Clemenzi"

Kim said...

I think this is a great idea! maybe though we could hold the self defense training before or after the meeting so we still have discussion time..

Lizo said...

yeah it would be a two hour long session so it would be a seperate event entirely. also since i am still training to teach i would like to practice on some of you. not like physical skills but in teaching you. so who ever i see during the week might be subject to some feminist self defense training.