Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year New Cheer

Our fist meeting of 2008 was very exciting. We made lots of plans. Here is a recap of what is coming up:

We will be celebrating French Feminist writer Simone de' Beavoirs 100th birthday on wednesday Jan 9th with a Tea Party. It will be held at 8pm at Grace's house at 54B Vanderhorst street.

In honor of a lost tradition of celebrating a girls entrance into womanhood, we decided to throw our own celebration. On saturday Jan 12th we will be throwing a period party! It has not been decided where it will be yet. Everyone is welcome to this party. If men want to celebrate periods they are totally welcome.

Before the party at 7 we will meet at Melinda's house at 0 Tradd street for craft time. Camy suggested bringing an over sized button down red shirt to make capes with. We will all bike together to the party as an all girl bike gang. Keep thinking of idea's for a name for our bike gang.

As a group we feel there is a need for more people to help with clinic defense on Saturday mornings. If you are available this Saturday meet at 6:40am in the parking lot behind Grace's house. We know no one wants to do this every Saturday, but lets try to make sure there are a couple of people there each week for support. Jamie posted more information on clinic defense below.

I am going to be ordering "This Insults Women" stickers soon. They are 25 cents apiece, let me know if you would like some or anything else from We can save on shipping costs and package materials.

Other things we talked about were the vagina monologues and the related art show(I will have grace post more details), making a zine as a collective, harassment in the work place, natural birth control, and feminist theater.

We forgot to talk more about the advertisements for feminism, we can talk about this Wednesday or at the next meeting.

For the next meeting, which will be held at Grace's house on February 2nd, we want each person to bring one zine, article, or essay to start a women's literature swap. The next meeting we will all give informal summaries and discussions of what we read.

I know this is a lot but it is just the start of what can be a very productive year. Remember, Beth has invited us all to her house for Brunch tomorrow (Sunday) at 1 and she will be leading a yoga class a Grace's house at 7 pm.

If I left anything out or you have any questions please feel free to let me know.


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