Monday, November 9, 2009

WoCo Meetings!

[Message summery: Leadership meeting Thursday 9:00 at 322B Sumter to discuss QueerFest
and Really Really Free Market.]

Womyn and Myn!!

We had a mini-meeting tonight to discuss where we are going to put our money and decided to go with First Reliance. At the co-ed meeting on Sunday we will be discussing the appointment of a treasurer. We’ll be taking names for the position and putting it to a vote.

Alright, the next leadership meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 9:00 at 322B Sumter. The agenda has been set so that we can keep things efficient: we have a lot to go over!

First off, we mustmustmust set a date for QueerFest. For those who don’t know, QueerFest is going to be the third installment after the Boob Show and the Gender Show. The basic idea is to challenge the heteronormative conception of sexuality. This time we’re gonna spread the event out over a weekend to include the art show and the music show. We’re looking into bringing in Team Gina, Scream Club, Athens Boys Choir, and, in our wildest dreams, Invincible. Either way it's gonna be fabulous. So, we need to set a date so we can start contacting the bands. We’re thinking April. Think about what would be the best time, and bring yr ideas! Further QueerFest planning will insue after Thanksgiving.

Okay, next up: Really Really Free Market. This is coming up super soon. We will be discussing our involvement in the event, from financial to physical support.

Further, we need to discuss our financial matters in general, and where we’re gonna be putting our money. (Yay we have money to put places! Go us! Go Blume!)

FINALLY, I want to start discussing the conception Jenna and I have been putting together and decide whether we want it to be a Women’s Collective event. Here’s the deal: Queer Makeout Flash Mob. Details to come.

Stay Radical, Caitlin

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