Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Summary: Leadership Committee Meetings every Thursday at 8:30, Queer Flash Mob in the works reply if interested, Co-ed meeting was awesome, emails will now be a once-a-week thing going out on Fridays. Yay!

Hello lovelies!

Our co-ed meeting this Sunday was frik-frakkin awesome! Lot’s of new faces and good conversation. Thanks to everyone who came and shared!

At the last Leadership Committee meeting we decided 1.) Leadership Committee Meetings will now happen every Thursday at 8:30 (locations TBA) and 2.) The title “Leadership Committee” isn’t accurate so we want to change it. Sorry with all the confusion and multitude of meetings lately, we’re workin on it!

This week’s leadership meeting will take place in the CofC Library in study room 236. We will all meet behind the library at 8:30 (please try to be on time!) and go up together. If you need directions don’t hesitate to ask!

So far, this is what’s on the agenda for this week’s meeting:
1.) Really Really Free Market
2.) Changing name of these organizational meetings.
3.) How we are going to decide what happens with our money
4.) Queer Flash Mob
5.) Chantelle and Jenna have a project proposal to present
6.) Queerfest, setting a date
7.) Setting dates/locations for next discussion meetings
8.) Jacksonville Art Show, possible field trip woo!
9.) Manifesta, our very own

Feel free to add things to the agenda if you want, and I hope anyone who wants to help organize will come on Thursday and share ideas! Though there is quite a bit on the agenda we're going to keep things expedient. And the meeting WILL start on time!

See you then!

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