Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blume Tonight

Blume is finally here...I've been thinking towards this since that one night on my porch this summer when Liz and I had a co-revelation and decided to make it happen again, this time for the Women's Collective. There have been roadblocks, mainly one large unconscious white male one, but here we are and it's happening and I am so excited. Caroline and her dancing ladies have been woodshedding so hard...this house has been vibrating with music and choreography and talk of dance for what seems like months now, and so many people have put all heart and soul into the dance--it is so beautiful, so powerful, those ladies are gonna stomp and freak you to your very core. When we were hanging art on Tuesday (thanks to my dyke crew Tess and Becca!) the dance troop had practice, and I was trying not to watch but my curiosity finally got the best of me...needless to say I was blown away. Those girls brought such anazing energy into the Pantheon--Liz and Rachel and I had been in there all day and suddenly it seemed like the air was buzzing, everything was in higher focus, there was a palpable energy in the air--dare I pull a Mary Daly and call it gynergy?
I am also super excited about all the work Caitlin and Brittany have put into the team of bodypainters/paintees. Caitlin is a Blume veteran and this time she has really pulled all the stops out and formed a truly awesome team from Women's Collective members and close friends alike...we've even got one of our newest and youngest Collective members Ashley putting herself out there tonight and I'm so proud! She is so brave and I'm excited to see what she and Kayla, her painter, are going to create together. This group has been doing some real concept-work and is creating a method that goes far beyond getting painted and waltzing around on a bar--they've done a lot thinking and planning, and I can't WAIT to see what they have up their sleeves!
And, of course, as usual Liz and Rachel have put so much organizing and time into this and because of them Blume shall again be the best party you've been to all year...see ya'll there!


CWC said...

by the way this is Jenna...dunno why I'm signed in as the Collective...

Samantha said...

blume was a wonderful experience. thanks to liz, jenna, caitlin, brittany, et cetera for making it all happen... i'm so grateful.